Russian Private Military Companies As Licensed Tool of Terror

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Around ten private military companies have been created in Russia over the last few years. The militants who have previously passed special training in Russian PMCs are often met in the area of ATO. The most famous among them are:

‘RSB-Group‘ – a private company which calls itself a military consulting company. An important detail: the official ‘RSB-Group’ operates in areas with unstable political situation in coordination with the legitimate government of other countries. The military activities in ‘LPR’ and ‘DPR’ fit this formulation easily since the leaders of these entities are recognized representatives of the ‘state government’;

‘Anti-Terror‘ – a group of companies, consisting of a training center, demining squad and several non-governmental organizations of former officers of special forces. The organization specializes in education and training of soldiers for special tasks of different nature in areas with high war risk. The company has the direct support of the FSB, which helped it gain a foothold in the Iraq region;

‘MAR‘ – a private military company that provides a full range of ‘security services’ in areas with high terrorist activities or unstable political situation. It is engaged in training, consulting, intelligence, sales of military goods, etc. In its practice, ‘MAR’ has sent fighters to the ATO zone, ostensibly to ensure the delivery of ‘humanitarian aid’ to ‘DPR’;

‘Moran Security Group‘ – a group of military-oriented companies, which focus on the protection of marine and land cargoes. It has a naval training center in St. Petersburg;

‘Center R‘ (other names – ‘Tiger Top-rent security’ and ‘Redut-Antiterror’) – a typical private military organization, whose experts have participated in the hostilities in Yugoslavia, Caucasus, Iraq and Afghanistan. The company trains sniper (and anti-sniper) specialists, shooters, combat engineers, radio engineers, rapid response fighters in urban environment, and so on.

It is likely that the activities of the listed above PMCs have been linked to the war in Ukraine in some way – recruitment, fighters training, or providing support. However, militants from ‘ATK GROUP’, ‘Slavonic Corps Limited’, ‘Vizantiya’ have been met in the area of the ATO, as well as in Syria.

In addition to that, PMC with ‘shady reputation’ work in Russia as well. Such companies can be ranked together with terrorist groups.

For example, ‘Vagner’ private military company (incorporated in Argentina) poses itself as a closed militarized structure; its training camp is located in the village of Molkino in Krasnodar krai, at the training site of the 10th special forces brigade of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Federation. With high probability we can assume that we observe here the mentioned above mechanism for the creation of voluntary units of Russian GRU’s reservists.


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