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The best of Queen covers from X Factor’s around the world! Including Bohemian Rhapsody, Somebody to Love and The Show Must Go On.

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28 Комментарии
  1. Khawlhring tlangval Говорит

    The first girl stole my heart…😍😍😍

  2. linda aumiller Говорит

    Adam is a wonderful singer of Queen

  3. Lex Soft Говорит

    They should try the following to save duration :
    1. Nevermore
    2. Dear Friends
    3. Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon 🙂

    The 1st two songs are among my favorite Queen songs.

  4. Xan Gillan Говорит

    @Julia Ivanova i love your voice, your stage style and all of u

  5. 3mjasperjimena Говорит

    advertisement was the chanpion!!!!

  6. 3mjasperjimena Говорит

    i want to be a judge!!!!!!

  7. Penguin Lips Говорит

    why do they only sing the same 3 songs

  8. Terri Bastedo Говорит

    I don't see how anyone — male or female — couldn't fall in love with Seann Miley Moore. Wow.

  9. TheDevilsAdvocate1984 Говорит

    They are all terrible…

  10. Diego Beltran Говорит

    The second act with the operatic notes?

    Just inject that into my bloodstream, thanks.

  11. Afroza Parveen Говорит

    Way too people are singing "Somebody to Love" covers.

  12. Zane Andrei Enriquez -30 Говорит

    Level of diffuculty
    1. Bot
    3.knows how to sing but not to good
    4. Impossible to sing
    5. Queen

  13. Joseli Lopes Santana Pereira Говорит

    Maravilhosa 🎶💝

  14. Max Kalbenko Говорит

    19:33 one love ❤️ Hi on Ukraine!

  15. NEETU SINGH Говорит

    What the hell happened with Adam's jaw at 11:03?

  16. Porter Maddy Говорит

    The fact its queen makes it better red head did it for freddie and I'm happy

  17. Lenovo Lenovo Говорит

    Все очень талантливы, но не родился еще тот человек, кто приблизится к ФРЕДДИ. Моя любовь навсегда.

  18. per_ingve10 8 Говорит

    Ok, it's not x factor, but this is the best freddye mercury's tribute.
    Italy best🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹❤️❤️

  19. alex carino Говорит

    mis freddie mercury much

  20. real prank Говорит

    the white t-shirt guy. what an unique and high range voice! its like freddie is in inside of him

  21. Miroslav Markovic Говорит

    Just Marc Martel is to close Freddie, no one else

  22. なかせよしと Говорит


  23. rondinele almeida Говорит

    tem cover qui consegui da alma pra musica

  24. Gisele Araujo Говорит

    O Povo acha que canta igual…. impossível cantar igual ao amado Freddy Mercury.

  25. Gisele Araujo Говорит

    Impossível um ser humano chegar ao timbre de Fred Mercury. Deus criou a voz e não compartilhou com maís ninguém

  26. RedstoneCraft Minecraft Говорит

    Red hair woman? Red Special? Coincidence…

  27. Waldemar Silvestre de lima Говорит

    faltou as meninas da colombia

  28. Esma Aslandzia Говорит


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