Dangasa (multfilm) | Дангаса (мультфильм)


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    Яхши булади зоп

  2. Diana Aliyeva Говорит

    English Translation:

    Uzbek cartoon — Lazy!

    Father: Hey son, come here.

    Son: What are you going to say, dad?

    Father: Fill up this pail with water

    Son: May I play a little father?

    Mother: Let him be. I will bring that water myself. Our son is still young.


    Father: Alright, son. After a while put the sheep in their cage. Give fodder to the calf, and for the chickens give corn. Alright, son? Take care of yourself, don't get so tired. Otherwise I will do it myself after I am back.

    Son: Alright, have a good trip.

    Son: I want to sleep so much, I will take a nap for a little while.

    At the marketplace:

    Father: Come people, buy sickle made from pure steel! Whoever buys it gets good deal, whoever doesn't regrets a big deal! All your money stays with you!

    Son: Father told me to put the sheep in their cage, if I let them out they will eat grass themself.

    Son: Wait a minute, Father told me to give fodder to the calf. Where I will find fodder now? Instead, I think if I let them outside, they will find grass to eat.

    Son: Eh wait a minute, I need to give corn for the chickens, it’s better for me to leave the corn storage door open.
    They will eat as much corn as they want.

    Mother: Most loved son of ours didn't put the sheep into their cage?! He’s still young that's why, don't be harsh on him, he will learn slowly. Anyways, he is our only son.

    Father: Well now creature go, go

    Mother: Oh dear, the calf got unleashed. What do I cook for dinner now? Oh dear child, What have you done?! Oh God what do we do now?!

    Father: Son, You are grown man now. We, your mother and me, have gotten older. You should help us with household.

    Mother: Your father from this morning was talking about work, work, work.
    Here take this coin my child until night, and go find some place and rest.
    At night time, give this to your father, alright?! Take care of yourself!

    Next day:

    Mother: My child, don't get exhausted. Making money doesn't come right away, you are still young.

    Son: Do not tire, father! Here I‘ve brought money for you.

    Father: Son, today earn money with your honest work, Understand?

    Mother: Son, here take this coin. By nightfall come home with sweat so that you father believes you have worked hard for this coin!

    Son: I am so tired. Here is the money, father.

    Mother: Son, saving you isn't good anymore. We are truly old. Who knows if you get married tomorrow. You won't be able to feed your own family and children, that's why you have to work wholeheartedly. Beside I am out of coins to give you.

    Son: Here father, I have brought you money.

    Father throws coins into fire.

    Son: FATHER, WHAT ARE YOU DOING? For this money I didn't work any less, but you are throwing them into the fire… (blows off coins)

    Father: Thank God! You see, now I believe you worked wholeheartedly for this money. If you haven't done so, you would not have even looked at them,
    like yesterday! This means, you’ve got these coins with your hard work. Son, don't ever forget, if you find what you eat honestly, then you will live a fulfilling, satisfying life. That's why "Below work is pleasure", is an old saying.

    Son: hah, how nice.

    Mother: Working?! Here, I brought you tea to drink.

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    Кандай Гана жакшы

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    Zor chikibdi multfilm

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